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Women are being raped, murdered, mutilated and their reproductive organs gauged out of them in places like Republic of Congo, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, and Rwanda. In these places, women are being gang raped with impunity from their respective governments or rebel forces. Domestic violence is becoming prevalent in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Peru, and Uzbekistan. In these countries men subject their women to repeated physical and mental harassments, which will equate to torture in an developed society, yet these men continue to do so with little or no government intervention and when questioned hid behind their religion or culture.From the countries in South America, war-ravaged Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia, the trafficking of women (starting girls as young as 10) for prostitution, brothels and dance bars is on the rise and often conducted by organized crime. The government machinery has full knowledge of these acts but chooses to do nothing about it or does to little because of extreme poverty in these countries. Most of the time the parents itself sell their girl child willingly for money. In the Middle East, a few governments still deny the basic rights for women. They can take women’s rights out of their hands and place them in the hands of their male citizens, who turn to domination and control of helpless females and treat them as slaves.Throughout the history of human kind, these kinds of abuses against women have been persistent. They have also become more organized, yet people prefer to turn a blind eye. These harassments and discriminations have become a social cancer that has survived for generations, slowly destroying womankind even to this day. The international watchdog on women’s human rights is doing everything they can to identify and raise awareness of these acts.In today’s world, while humankind praises itself for making huge progress in the fields of science, technology and social reforms, we should remind ourselves that millions of women still do not have rightful control over their lives. Men must remind themselves that women are still forced into prostitution or to marry someone they do not like. The fate of imprisoned women is worse in the developing countries where complaints about excessive pat-downs, the use of force, and the denial of visits from relatives simply because they refuse to have sex with the male guards are still rampant. Governments in these places also wrongfully target women for family planning policies to get their population under control.Women’s human rights watch groups are fighting an uphill battle against these sidelining and inhuman activities by addressing the issues of equal rights, gender wage gap, and getting women to access credit machinery. The unity of all women, activists, and non-governmental organizations is required to fight this quiet global struggle. The ultimate goal of this mission is to make the lives of millions of women better by stopping discrimination and giving equal rights to women.

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The top killer for women is heart disease, which claims nearly 489,000 deaths each year. Heart disease kills more women every year than all types of cancers combined. Because of the common misconception that heart disease primarily affects only men, only 13% of women are aware that this disease is a major threat to their lives. However, heart disease is still a preventable disease. Women can reduce your risk of getting a heart attack by making the following lifestyle changes:First, quit or avoid smoking and secondhand smoke. Limit or eliminate alcohol intake. Perform regular cardiovascular exercise to stimulate blood circulation and in maintain a healthy body weight. These steps significantly reduce the stress on your arteries and heart. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, and/or high cholesterol, you must consult with your doctor as to the best ways to bring these other risk factors under control.Cancers, especially breast and lung cancer kills 73,000 women each year. 90% of them who developed lung cancer have been cigarette smokers. According to American Cancer Association, breast cancer is a leading cause of death in women. Breast tumors are diagnosed in almost 211,000 women every year with almost 20% morality rate. To reduce your risk of developing cancer, lead a healthy lifestyle and meet with your doctor regularly to take preventive screenings. Cancer, if detected in its early stages, can save lives.The third cause of women’s deaths is stroke. Every year in United States, almost 164,000 people die because of a stroke, and 100,000 of these deaths are female. The factors that increase the chances of having strokes are uncontrolled blood pressure and smoking. Strokes do not only cause deaths but also often leave the person permanently disabled. Even though your risk of stroke depends heavily on your family medical history and genetics, stroke is as preventable as heart disease.The fourth killer are chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), including emphysema, asthma and lung cancer. These diseases are responsible for almost 65,000 deaths in women each year. Smoking is the leading cause of these pulmonary diseases. COPD are highly preventable. To reduce you risk for developing this disease, quit smoking and avoid secondhand smoke.Fifth is Alzheimer’s disease, which is affects the brain and starts with simple forgetfulness. As it progresses further, it totally wipes out memories of the sufferer. This disease kills nearly 42,000 women every year. Get regular screenings for this from your doctor.The next disease that threatens many men and women alike is diabetes. About 18 million people were diagnosed with diabetes last year, and almost 37,000 women died from the complications of this disease. Still, so many people do not know that they have diabetes until it becomes very severe. This late stage is characterized by blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage, as well as an increased risk of having heart attack or stroke. Diabetes, however, is still highly preventable by following a controlled diet, regular exercise, and conducting regular blood sugar tests.The seventh leading cause of death in women in America is accidents, claiming more lives each year. While this is not a disease to be cured, it is still a preventable cause of death. Women can keep themselves safe by paying more attention when performing dangerous tasks and driving carefully on the road.Influenza and pneumonia combined are the eighth cause of women’s deaths each year. The risk of contracting these diseases can be limited by maintaining good hygiene and taking flu shots every year.The tenth top cause of female deaths is colon cancer, which is also the third leading cause of cancer death in women.